Top Hotels in Kodaikanal for a Comfortable Stay

It is quite natural during modern times to take a break or vacation from one’s hectic schedule and head to any hill station to relax and unwind, either alone or with one’s family or friends. If you want to make your vacation memorable, then it’s important to choose a good hotel to stay in, but how exactly to decide if a hotel is of good quality or not. That’s exactly what we’re going to discuss in this blog post so, kindly read on.

Best Hotels in Kodaikanal That Will Make Your Stay Comfortable

If you plan on visiting Kodaikanal, we would highly recommend staying at the below-mentioned hotels as they fulfil the above-mentioned criteria and qualify as high-class hotels to stay in.

Greenlands Kodaikanal Hotel

This hotel has spectacular views of nearby and popular tourist spots in Kodaikanal. It organizes a camp fire event for its guests every evening so that they can mingle with and get to know each other and have loads of fun together.
Greenlands Youth Hostel & International Tourist Home Kodaikanal Hotel Greenland youth hostel and tourist home 19
It has fully-facilitated and customized rooms with king or queen-sized beds for guests of every type and a parking ground for their own and rented cars to ease the parking hassles normally faced by tourists.
Last but not least, its prices are affordable to working-class people who constitute the vast majority of the population of India. All these facts make this hotel a highly desirable one to stay in. The unforgettable hilly stay rooms available here are Heritage Stay, Family Loft Rooms, Dorm Beds, Family Room with Fireplace.
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Kodai Resort Hotel

This hotel is located near two famous tourist spots in Kodaikanal called Coaker’s Walk and Bryant Park. This hotel has about 50 honeymoon cottages that are well furnished and fully facilitated. These cottages even have their own private balconies and attached gardens. This hotel is an ideal place to stay for honeymooners.
The extra and noteworthy amenities in this hotel include free parking lots to its guests, complementary breakfast, a kids play area, couple of spa rooms (one for gents and one for ladies), table tennis, and a wide variety of board games. Above all its prices are highly reasonable for the amenities it provides.

Sterling Kodai Valley

This hotel is so called because it overlooks a scenic valley in Kodaikanal. This hotel is about 5.5 kms away from the town of Vilpatti. The famous Kodaikanal lake is a 20 minutes drive from this hotel.
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This hotel is very large. It has about 108 guest rooms for visitors of all types. Every room in this hotel either offers a view of the adjacent valley or views of adjacent rooms’ private lawns.

The noteworthy facilities in this hotel include WiFi-enabled smart LED TVs in all rooms, electric tea cum coffee makers in all rooms along with refrigerators, board games, video games, and sofa cum beds in all rooms. This hotel is ideal for people travelling with their friends or colleagues.
bed and night stand

Great Trails Hotel

This is a unique hotel in the sense that it’s located 6.5 kms away from the town of Kodaikanal. The popular and scenic Kodaikanal lake is a 20 minutes drive from this hotel. This hotel has about 40 authentically - built cabins. The cabins are built from rock and wood.
The impressive facilities of this hotel include a work desk and LCD TVs in every room, a kids play area, a spa and a restaurant that face the opposite scenic valley. The hotel also arranges horse-riding and trekking activities on request. This hotel is ideal for adventerous couples.

Hotel Kodai International

This hotel is situated close to two popular tourist attractions in Kodaikanal namely Coaker’s Walk and Kodai Lake. This hotel is known for being one of the cleanest hotels in Kodaikanal. This hotel has 75 fully furnished rooms. All junior suites in this hotel have an attached balcony and garden.
double bed in a hotel room
The other convenient facilities of this hotel include an electric tea cum coffee maker in every room, smart LED TVs and free WiFi, a complementary buffet breakfast, a couple of spa rooms, a gym, a coffee shop, kids play area, and free parking lots for guests. This hotel is ideal for fitness freaks and hygiene-conscious people.

What are the Factors to Consider Before Booking Hotels in Kodaikanal?

To make your visit to Kodaikanal a memorable one, you must scrutinize the hotels in that town and ensure that you book only the best hotels in Kodaikanal. Here’s how you do that.

Location of the Hotel

The location of your hotel must be in close proximity to all the needed facilities (like restaurants, railway station, shopping malls, police station, etcetera) and all the popular tourist spots in that town.
This will reduce your travel time and enable you to visit all the tourist spots in that town within your stay period. After all, your visit to Kodaikanal will not be complete if you don’t visit all the popular tourist spots there.

Facilities in the Hotel

Your hotel must be well-facilitated with hi-tech facilities to make your stay in the hotel a pleasant experience.

It must have in-demand facilities like room service, water heater, a western toilet, room heater, AC, a smart TV, Wi-Fi facilities, cab booking facility, tour guide, among other facilities to give you a comfortable stay and a memorable tour experience.

Attractive Discounts

The best hotels usually offer their customers with attractive offers on every visit and an attractive loyalty program to maximize customer retention. Make sure that the hotel that you’re booking has appealing offers and an attractive loyalty program so that you can save your money and get the best value for it.

Positive Reviews

This is perhaps the most important factor of them all. Going through ex-guests’ reviews is a fairly fool proof way to know if the hotel is worth its money or not. The more positive guest reviews a hotel has, the better the chances of it being a genuine one. After all, it’s impractical for a hotel business to buy a lot of positive reviews.
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Our Recommendation

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